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Mining guide by incubusking


Mining is one of the resource gathering skills in Syrnia. The ores you mine are used in Smithing to create the various tools, armour and weapons in the game. Ores, especially high level ones, will always be in demand by the various smiths of Syrnia, so there is money to be made here. Mining is also the second fastest resource gathering skill to gain exp in, just lagging behind fishing.

While mining, there is chance that you can find a gem, which can be used in Magic for enchantments and orbs. As with all other resource gathering skills crowding influences your timer. For every additional person working alongside you, it adds 2 seconds onto your timer. This crowding penalty maxes out at 15 people working along beside you, so at 30 additional seconds.

Level 1-10

To begin mining you will need to equip a pickaxe (ogre and bronze pickaxes are available for level 1 miners) and click on mine tin or copper. Most people mine at Rynir but there is also the tin mine at Nabb mines, which is rarely as crowded so if you are looking for experience this might be a better option. It will take 215 copper or tin ores to make it to level 10 and Iron mining.

Level 10-25

Once you have reached level 10, you can mine Iron ore and equip an Iron Pickaxe. There are plenty of Iron mines in Syrnia so you are spoilt for choice of location to mine at. My only suggestion is that you look for a good quiet Iron mine and start mining there. You will level a lot quicker if there is little or no crowding where you are mining. It will take you 3,494 Iron to reach level 25 and Coal mining.

Level 25-40

At level 25 you can mine coal, can be smelted with different ores into Steel, Platina or Syriet bars. At the time of writing there are 6 Coal mining locations that you can choose from. Try and find a quiet mining spot and you will level up quickly. Kanzo is usually the best choice, but for some it may be costly to get there. You will need 9,089 Coal to reach level 40 mining and Silver.

Level 40-55

At level 40 you are able to mine Silver and equip a Silver Pickaxe. There are only 2 Silver Mines in the game, one in Franer mines, Mezno island and one at Rose mines, Serpenthelm island. The mines at Franer are usually very crowded with it very rarely having less than 15 other players working alongside you. If you are able to find a quiet Coal mine the exp can be marginally better than mining Silver ores at Franer Mines. You will need 14,266 Silver ores or 23,134 Coal ores to reach level 55 mining.

Level 55-70

At level 55 you unlock the options to mine Gold ore and equip a Gold Pickaxe. The exp for mining gold is far superior to mining Silver and Coal, however your timer has risen as well. There is only 1 fixed gold mine in Syrnia, located at Ogre mines. To get to ogre mines you will need to cross the infamous Outlands, so either take a Penteza teleport orb or be careful. The crowding at Ogre mines is very rarely below 15, except occasionally in early morning server time. You will need to 10,919 gold ores to reach level 70.

Level 70-85

This is where the fun begins. Platina ores. These are worth quite a bit but this is due to their relative rarity as they are somewhat difficult to get. There are only two permanent Platina mines in the game, of which one is located at The Outlands 78. You can be attacked by other players while mining there, which together with the long timer makes you very vulnerable. The second permanent mine is located at Abydos, on Anasco island. While this mine is safe, the timer is twice as long as the Outlands mine and no gems can be obtained there. You do obtain the occasional Syriet and Obsidian ore here randomly, provided you have the required level to mine them. There are also a platina spawn mines in Arch. caves 4 and Arch. caves 5, but you will need a high combat level to be able to make it down there. You will need 18,666 Gold Ores or 9,333 Platina Ores to reach mining level 85. You will probably end up mining Gold ore mostly to get to level 85, as the exp/second ratio of the Gold mine is better than the safe platina mine.

Level 85-100

You now belong to the elite miners of Syrnia. From level 85 you can mine the rare Syriet ore. There are three ways to obtain it. The first way is via the spawn mines at Arch. caves 4 and Arch. caves 5. Only a couple of ores spawn at a time though, and as you will be competing with other high levels for the ore, you will be happy when you finally obtain one. The second way is as a rare random drop from the permanent Platina mine at Abydos, Anasco island (as mentioned before). The biggest resource of Syriet ore however is the permanent mine at The Outlands 49, which should not surprise you by now is of course a Player versus Player combat area. To reach the next level ore you will have to mine another 29,039 gold ore, or spend an extraordinary amount of time in the Outlands and mine 4,501 syriet ore.

Level 100-120

At level 100, you will gain the ability to mine Obsidian. It is valuable for a reason, as there are only three places you can mine it. You can obtain it as a random drop at the permanent platina mine at Abydos (Anasco island), or mine it at The Outlands 66. Lastly, it can be mined in Arch. caves 5 when it spawns. Only a few of these ores spawn at a time, and in Arch. cave 5 ore spawns are always guarded by high level monsters. Before you can start mining the ore, you will need to kill (or have killed) the guards. Also be aware of the competition who will grab any spawn they can get their pickaxe on. Would you decide to go on this dangerous mission, do not forget to bring a high combat level, lots of food and your best equipment as you will be watching the timer tick for over 10 minutes before this ore is yours... To become king of the mines, you will need to mine another 59,853 gold ore.

Level 120+

Congratulations, you can now consider yourself one of the game's top miners! To collect your prize, the high valued Puranium ore, you will once again need to get to the deep bottom of Arch. Caves 5, where it spawns occasionally. Only very few of these ores spawn at a time however, so it will be a challenge to obtain this ore. Mining it is not for those who are faint of heart or lacking in combat levels.

Titanium ore mining 140+

Woah!! You have done it, you have spent years mining and have reached the apex ore. You can now mine titanium that is only available as an arch 5 spawn. In arch 5 expect to fight plenty of platina-puranium gamans as spawns while you walk around. Your new titanium ore will spawn at 5.3 and 5.4 it is an extremely rare spawn and there are many miners fighting over 1-2 ores at a time.

Mining day

Mining day's are Tuesdays and Wednesdays at Mount Tirnus If you have a scroll of the hidden min in your inventory you can mine Syriet and platina. Tuesdays is Syriet day this is the only time you can aquire bloodstone ore from mining! It is a random drop like a gem It could take you weeks to get 1 or you could get several every tuesday. Its OL timer with high crowding. Wensdays is platina day though you wont get bloodstone mining platina but it is OL timer though. There are gem drops on both days unlike abydos.




Img Req level Item Mining exp
1 Copper ore 15
1 Tin ore 15
10 Iron ore 22
25 Coal 37
40 Silver 60
55 Gold ore 155
70 Platina ore 310
85 Syriet ore 1000
85 Bloodstone ore 0
100 Obsidian ore 3000
120 Puranium ore 5000
140 Titanium ore 7000


Img Req level Item Req items Exp
1 Bronze bars x1 x1 5
10 Iron bars x1 6
25 Steel bars x1 x1 10
40 Silver bars x2 15
55 Gold bars x10 250
70 Platina bars x8 x6 x4 300
85 Syriet bars x1 x6 x8 400
100 Obsidian bars x1 x5 x15 5000
120 Puranium bars x1 x5 x10 7500
135 Tiromyth bars x1 x1 x1 x1 x1 10000


Img Req level Item
1 Ogre pickaxe
1 Bronze pickaxe
10 Iron pickaxe
25 Steel pickaxe
30 Koban pickaxe
35 Elven pickaxe
40 Silver pickaxe
55 Gold pickaxe
70 Platina pickaxe
75 Bone pickaxe
85 Syriet pickaxe
100 Obsidian pickaxe
120 Puranium pickaxe
140 Tiromyth pickaxe


Location Map Action
Rynir Mines Remer island Tin mine
Nabb mines Dearn island Tin mine
The Outlands 1 The Outlands Tin mine
Tutorial 2 Tutorial island Tin mine
Rynir Mines Remer island Copper mine
The Outlands 4 The Outlands Copper mine
The Outlands 54 The Outlands Copper mine
Tutorial 2 Tutorial island Copper mine
Rynir Mines Remer island Iron mine
The Outlands 79 The Outlands Iron mine
Hawk mountain Skull island Iron mine
Ancestral mountains Heerchey island Iron mine
Rose mines Serpenthelm island Iron mine
Eckwal Exrollia Iron mine
Sorer mines Webbers island Iron mine
Nabb mines Dearn island Coal mine
The Outlands 96 The Outlands Coal mine
Mt. Vertor Kanzo island Coal mine
Rose mines Serpenthelm island Coal mine
Eckwal Exrollia Coal mine
Sorer mines Webbers island Coal mine
Franer mines Mezno island Silver mine
Rose mines Serpenthelm island Silver mine
Ogre mine Ogre cave Gold mine
Mount tirnus Calmere Island Gold mine
Abydos Anasco island Platina mine (non-PvP zone)
The Outlands 78 The Outlands Platina mine (PvP zone)
The Outlands 49 The Outlands Syriet mine (PvP zone)
The Outlands 66 The Outlands Obsidian mine (PvP zone)
Arch. cave 4.4 Arch. cave 4 Gold ore spawn
Arch. cave 4.5 Arch. cave 4 Gold ore spawn
Arch. cave 4.4 Arch. cave 4 Platina ore spawn
Arch. cave 4.5 Arch. cave 4 Platina ore spawn
Arch. cave 5.3 Arch. cave 5 Platina ore spawn
Arch. cave 5.4 Arch. cave 5 Platina ore spawn
Arch. cave 4.4 Arch. cave 4 Syriet ore spawn
Arch. cave 4.5 Arch. cave 4 Syriet ore spawn
Arch. cave 5.3 Arch. cave 5 Syriet ore spawn
Arch. cave 5.4 Arch. cave 5 Syriet ore spawn
Arch. cave 5.3 Arch. cave 5 Obsidian ore spawn
Arch. cave 5.4 Arch. cave 5 Obsidian ore spawn
Arch. cave 5.3 Arch. cave 5 Puranium ore spawn
Arch. cave 5.4 Arch. cave 5 Puranium ore spawn
Arch. cave 5.3 Arch. cave 5 Titanium ore spawn
Arch. cave 5.4 Arch. cave 5 Titanium ore spawn
Arch. cave 6.25 Arch. cave 6 Mine Iron


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