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Magic guide by Maarten and Quadiam


So magic has caught your eye and you wish to delve into your arcane roots, magic is the way to tap this desire. Before you can start training magic you will have to complete the Witch Bluebell and Witch Bluebell 2 quests. Once you have completed both quests, you can start training magic with Bluebell in Eully. Magic in Syrnia works different than in most other games, where it is often a form of combat. In Syrnia however, magic is used to upgrade item properties (enchanting them) or at higher levels, to create special orbs. Gems are the main resource of the magic skill, and each spell requires at least one gem to cast.

Since gems make that magic is an expensive skill to train, you will learn that it is definitely not for everyone. Training magic requires a substantial investment of gold pieces, and should not be seen as a skill to make money but rather to burn money. In addition, higher level mages will offer to do your enchants without any additional fees if you provide them with the items and gems. This saves you the trouble (and money) of getting to the level required to cast the spell yourself. If you do decide to delve into this mystic realm though, remember that it will be expensive, but also very rewarding!

Getting started

Once you have your staff equipped you are ready to start training. You will need to acquire the appropriate gems for the spell(s) you want to cast, and have the item(s) that you want to enchant in your inventory. Once you have everything you need, head to Eully and then click on "Visit Bluebell", and then select "enchant". Once you select enchant a list will come up with the items you can enchant, so choose your item and admire the wonderful result.

As you increase your magic level you will be able to cast more powerful spells that have greater enchantments. See the chart below to find out the effect, level requirement and gems required for all the enchantments available in Syrnia. To assist you in your journey as a wizard, we have composed level guides that suggest efficient paths of leveling up (see "The training process" below). We also recommend our magic calculator to find out how many enchantments you need to do to reach your target level.


Img Req level Item
Warlock Staff
1 Ivory staff
1 Frost staff
1 Mayan ceremonial staff
1 Staff

Enchantment list

Magic lvl Spell Location Req items Experience
1 -1 Travel time Eully x1 60
3 -2 Travel time Eully x1 100
5 +1 Armour Eully x1 x1 220
7 +1 Aim Eully x1 x1 250
10 -3 Travel time Eully x1 x1 290
12 +1 Power Eully x1 x1 320
15 -4 Travel time Eully x1 x1 350
17 +2 Armour Eully x1 x1 380
20 +2 Aim Eully/Kanzo x1 x1 400
25 +2 Power Eully/Kanzo x1 x1 500
30 -5 Travel time Eully/Kanzo x1 x1 500
35 +3 Armour Eully/Kanzo x1 x1 550
40 +3 Aim Eully/Kanzo x1 x1 570
50 +3 Power Eully/Kanzo x1 x1 600
60 -6 Travel time Eully/Kanzo x2 750
60 +4 Armour Rima-University x1 x1 950
70 +4 Aim Rima-University x1 x1 1000
80 +4 Power Rima-University x1 x1 1050
85 -7 Travel time Rima-University x1 x1 1150

Gems list

Img Req level Item Req items Exp
0 Diamond 0
0 Raipal 0
0 Gamanite 0
0 Jade 0
0 Serendibite 0
0 Ruby 0
0 Carnelian 0
0 Lapis 0
0 Amethyst 0
0 Amber 0
0 Spar 0
0 Garnet 0
0 Diaspore 0
0 Beryl 0
0 Quartz 0
0 Avril 0
0 Moonstone 0


Orbs are created by a more advanced form of magic, and using them requires level 5 magic. Orbs are a one-time use items that will produce a given effect before being destroyed. There are basically two types of orbs in the game: teleport orbs and summoning orbs. Bluebell does not know this advanced form of magic so you will not be able to create these orbs in Eully. You can create orbs at various other locations you can see in the chart below. For the higher level summoning orbs, the amount of creatures you will summon depends on your magic level, via the following formula: base number + magic level = amount of creatures you spawn. The base number is different for each summoning orb (to find out the base number for different summoning orbs, look them up in our item list). An overview of all orbs that can be created using magic can be found in the quicklist below.

NB: not all summoning orbs can be created using the magic skill!

Magic locations

Location Map Action
Eully Remer island Bluebell
Penteza Elven island Adarkmag
Kanzo Kanzo island White wizards tower
Maadi Anasco island Practice magic
Rima city - university Calmere Island University Magic

Orb list

Img Req level Item Req items Magic exp
20 Penteza teleport orb x1 x1 x1 350
25 Rat summoning orb x1 x1 x1 450
30 Kanzo teleport orb x1 x1 x1 530
35 Bonebreaker summoning orb x1 x1 x1 600
40 Griffin summoning orb x1 x1 x1 650
45 Koban summoning orb x1 x0 x1 700
50 Gold scaled gaman summoning orb x1 x1 x1 800
55 Heerchey docks teleport orb x1 x1 x1 900
60 Gaman summoning orb x1 x1 1000
65 Morrie fields teleport orb x1 x1 x1 x1 1125

The training process

Level 1-10

You will start off with 25 exp for finishing the bluebell quest. Which will put you at level 2, do 1 more -1 travel time (-tt) enchant and you are at level 3. Now to reach level 10 there are a couple of options depending on your gem stash. The cheapest way to get to level 10 is doing 32 -2 tt enchants. Moonstones are about 500-700gp each so expect this to set you back a good 25,000gp.

Level 10-20

So we face ourselves at the second part of the investment in magic. More spells have become available to you and from level 10-20 the -3 tt enchantment is the most effective from the cost perspective. In order to make it to level 20 you need to do about 116 -3 tt enchants. Expected this to cost around 180,000gp.

Level 20-30

Finally we reach the part where we can start earning some of our invested money back. At level 20 the Penteza teleport orb (PTO) spell has become available. These are commonly used items and there will always be a demand for these. Another benefit of orbs is that you can sell them in shops, keeping your business running while you look for more gems. As you can see in the chart these require spars. So the recommendation is to get your hands on as many as you can. At level 25 you can also make the Rat summoning orb which gives good exp and some people might also buy those. You need to make about 330 PTO's to get to level 30.

Level 30-40

At level 30 you can add 2 more important spells to your spell book, the -5tt enchantment and the Kanzo teleport orb (KTO). Just like the PTO the KTO is a commonly used item and a good way to earn some money back on enchants. The -5 tt enchant replaces the rather cost ineffective -3 tt enchant, and the best part is that people will also pay a little bit of money for -5 tt. So activate that trade channel and start tell people your selling -5 tt enchants. At level 35 you will get 2 more spells at your disposal, +3 armour and the Bonebreaker summoning orb. +3 armour is not very popular since the +3 aim and +3 power enchantments are much more useful in combat so I would stay away from those unless someone specifically requests it. The Bonebreaker orb is a collectors item so you could try and sell a few of those, but it can only be made at Maadi (Anasco). You need to make about 500 KTOs or -5 tt to get to level 40.

Level 40-50

Level 40 is where you want to be. From now on you can do +3 aim enchants, and this is by far the most popular enchantment in the game. Get your hands on as many garnets and diaspores as you can and advertise your +3 aim services. Players will also come to you asking for enchants with their gems at this point (giving you free exp!) so keep an eye out on the trade channel for players with these kinds of requests. You need to do about 900 +3 aim enchants to get to level 50.

Level 50-60

Once you have reached 50 the +3 power enchant becomes available, again a very popular enchantment in Syrnia that can easily be sold. At the same level the Gold scaled gaman summoning orb also becomes available. At level 55 you can add the Heerchey docks teleport orb (HTO) to your repertoire. Combining these enchantments you can make you way to level 60. To reach level 60 you will need to do about 1400 +3 power or +3 aim enchantments.

Level 60

Congratulations we have another Master of Magic, You can now create Gaman summoning orb and Morrie fields teleport orb, the latter can only be done at the newest University at Rima along with the new +4 and -7tt spells your about to unlock. 5 new spells await you +4 aim, power, armour, -6 travel time, and -7 travel time. the Gaman summoning orb can be created at Arch 3.19!


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