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About TLGrounds.com

TLGrounds.com is a fansite about the MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) Syrnia created by Wyks with the goal of improving your Syrnia experience. What we provide can be divided in roughly three categories: Our Information database, our Tools and our famous Score section.

Information database

The information database contains information about all aspects of the game. We offer guides for all 15 skills written by experienced players. We have an item list with detailed information about every item in the game. We have a creature list which shows the stats, drops and habitat of all creatures. We have Quest walkthroughs, quick lists and last but not least we have a map section which reveals every location in the game!


Furthermore we provide a number of tools for you to use, for example the Mobile Cave of Trades to keep track of auctions in game, an Outlands loader to pre-cache the location and inventory images, and a memory tool to help you remembering what numbers you have  tried when cracking Strange chests.


The third service we offer is probably the most popular feature of our site. It is a Score section which keeps track of all active players and clans in the game so you can monitor your rank, experience and level gains closely. In addition we provide extra data analysis tools like a clanhopper-tracker and a hall of fame with the top exp gainers per week of all time!


Somewhere in 2007 the experienced player Langemol of the The Legion[-TL-] decided to start up TheLegionBase. After a while Wyks[-TL-] joined him and they decided to make TheLegionBase Syrnia's most popular fansite. A long road of development followed, and lots of features were added and new versions of the website were developed. Some time after version 2 was launched, Langemol retired as site administrator. Wyks continued the project and started the development of TheLegionBase 3. In 2009 he finally released it. The most notable new features were the Score section and Mobile Cave of Trades. At this point our site had become the most complete fansite in the game, but we were not done just yet. Hazgod joined the project and we created TLGrounds version 4 (we had to change the name due to a small issue with the hostingprovider). Even though we added some new features, the main idea of this version was to improve the current website. A few years later Wyks started the development of TLGrounds version 5, after the website had become outdated in some areas. Development was halted but again continued in 2015, at which I rushed to release this version. To be continued...


Mazrim Taim (contact page)



Mazrim Taim (dev & owner)
Mr Tiddles (dev)
Wyks (dev)

Guide writers

Evilgenius1 (Smithing & constructing & trading guide)
Quadiam (Magic & cooking & speed guide)
ruboxjr (Combat guide)
Orange (BM guide)
NateHarper (Arch guide)
Deedar (Pirate guide)
Maarten (Magic guide)
Aussiebeast (Farming guide)
Incubusking (Mining guide)


Mr Mystery (TLB logo)
Lots of [-TL-] clanmembers
YOU, the Syrnia community!


To build our website, we have used
The Syrnia manual
The Syrnia API
The Legion [-TL-] forums
our playing experience...

TLG stats

19 calculators
17 guides
5 tools
650+ items
110+ creatures
25+ quests
20+ maps
275+ locations
Syrnia stats
Historical images and videos


- Reworked the database and functions for the Deathscores. HoF still currently unavailable

2024-06-30 Mr Tiddles

- Removal of the Deathscores for now to rebuild them in the future

2024-06-30 Mr Tiddles

- Arch. caves 6 is being added we need all the info you can help us with! Feel free to message me and ill keep checking forums.

2024-06-08 mazrim taim

- New gamans added to creature list with normal non invasion exps!

2024-05-15 mazrim taim

- Death scores now display from our database to produce weekly kills

2024-05-15 Mr Tiddles

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