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Joiners/Leavers tool

This page shows a list of players that have changed clan in the week you have selected. Only clan changes of players that have logged in in the past 14 days (at the time of updating this tool) can be shown. Inactive members that are kicked/deleted from a clan are removed from the clans at the sunday night wipe at 00:00. The global joiners/leavers tool updates every hour. You can order the table by clicking on a column head. Click twice to order it in reverse.
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Hall of Shame Clan-Hoppers!

Player Old clan New clan
Assilim Clanless [A.D.]
Ayna Clanless [Pond]
Bear Clanless [CLEAN]
Blando Clanless [World]
blessit Clanless [Unity]
Bratuuu Clanless [CLEAN]
charlesc83 Clanless [night]
Coneja Clanless [~ADV~]
Cruz Nairb Clanless [InGen]
Faullen Clanless [Throp]
Firion Clanless [CLEAN]
Godshand Clanless [~FaM~]
Harm Clanless [*ATF*]
Jehan Clanless [A.D.]
Jolitoraxable [Rum] [FM]
kira Clanless [Arch]
Leah Clanless [Au]
Makarov Clanless [CFH]
McLovin [Corps] [Arch]
Method Clanless [Moria]
MrZee Clanless [Manc]
Muaat Clanless [DW]
Ner0 Clanless [S.o.S]
Quiqonky Clanless [Elite]
Rango Clanless [HIST]
Shady Clanless [Rmpg]
silverk Clanless [CLEAN]
Swooshy Clanless [O.G.]
Syphon Clanless [Fangz]
Takisha Clanless [-^-]
Takk Clanless [O.G.]
Tisanto Clanless [Cyber]
vani0k Clanless [*ATF*]
Veltto Clanless [Snake]
x_lovebug_x Clanless [Arch]
Yuuko Clanless [TLO]


- Reworked the database and functions for the Deathscores. HoF still currently unavailable

2024-06-30 Mr Tiddles

- Removal of the Deathscores for now to rebuild them in the future

2024-06-30 Mr Tiddles

- Arch. caves 6 is being added we need all the info you can help us with! Feel free to message me and ill keep checking forums.

2024-06-08 mazrim taim

- New gamans added to creature list with normal non invasion exps!

2024-05-15 mazrim taim

- Death scores now display from our database to produce weekly kills

2024-05-15 Mr Tiddles

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