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Thieving guild trail quest

Startling location: Mentan, Mezno island
To complete this quest it is NOT neccesary to fight any creatures.


  • Speed level 6
  • Thieving level 3
  • Combat level 5 or total level 60 (to access the Outlands)


  • 150 speed experience
  • 100 thieving experience
  • Thieving guild membership
  • Walkthrough

    Move to Mentan on Menzo Island. Click on "Thieving Guild"

    Welcome to the thieving guild.
    You seem fit enough to join our thieving guild. But we accept only the best thieves. Thieves should be able to stealth, move quick and should be able to known their locations.

    - I would like to do the thieving guild trail to join.
    - I do not want to be part of crime !

    Click on "I would like to do the thieving guild trail to join."

    Welcome to the thieving guild.
    Let's see if you are able to pass this test. You need to go to the Outlands and find thief Razor.
    This will require speed and a good orientation in the Outlands. Good luck.

    Outlands is a Player vs Player area. It is advisable to store all your items away in your houses before proceeding to the Outlands. Check the Outlands Map before you venture there, so that you know where to travel to. Razor is located at Outlands 56. Travel to Outlands 56 and you will see a suspicious person

    Quest: Thieving guild trail
    You see a suspicious person..with many death bodies around him.

    - Attack him.
    - Approach him, and ask him if he knows thief Razor

    Click on "Approach him, and ask him if he knows thief Razor".

    Quest: Thieving guild trail
    I am Razor. Luckely you did not attack me like the last 5 trails. Those fools only lasted 5 seconds until I finished them. You'de better be going back to the thieving guild, I'll message them you found me and survived the Outlands. Hurry, you might get the attention of one of the slayers around here.

    Leave Outlands via Outlands 1 or Outlands 13 (sail option is at these locations). Return to the thieving guild at Mentan on Mezno Island. Click on "Thieving Guild"

    Quest: Thieving guild trail
    Welcome back (yourname), have you found thieve razor yet?

    - Yes I found him at the far end of the Outlands.
    - No I did not found him.

    Click on "Yes I found him at the far end of the Outlands".

    Quest: Thieving guild trail I did not hear anything from Razor...But I'll believe you. Although, if Razor tells me you lied you'll get a heavy punishment. I'll get someone looking for Razor soon...
    Anyway, welcome to the thieving guild, you are now a official member!
    I hope you will learn alot in here, and we'll see how usefull you are to us.

    You have joined the thieving guild !
    You got 150 speed experience.
    You got 100 thieving experience.
    You have completed the "Thieving guild trail" quest !


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