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Slaying the monster quest

Startling location: Valera, Remer island
The strongest creature you need to fight to complete this quest is combat level 21.


  • You must have completed the Valera knight quest
  • You must have completed the Monster training quest
  • We recommend 16hp


  • 750 health experience
  • 1x Valera sword
  • Walkthrough

    Travel to Valera and click on "Training Grounds" in the city menu.

    Oke are ready to go and kill the monster ?
    I warn you..it this is seriously hard to kill.

    - Let's go.
    - No I still need to prepare.

    Click on "Let's go"

    Ok good. Here's the full story:
    The monster lives in the outlands, it slays all of the trespassing humans... It would be very handy to kill it and it would make us famous.
    You can find the monster at the Outlands 96..Please come back alive !

    You will need to travel back into the Outlands to fight the monster. It is located at Outlands 96.
    Other Players will be able to attack you while you travel in Outlands and while you are fighting the monster.
    The monster is a "Bunyip" that is Combat Level 21.
    Remember to store what items you dont need in your house before travelling into the Outlands.
    If you are killed, either by player or monster, you will need to restart any unfinished quests.

    When you arrive at Outlands 96, you will see:

    You finally find the cave of the monster which the knight has been talking about...
    - Fight the monster

    Click on "Fight the monster". Once you have killed it, return to Valera. The Sailing locations at Outlands are located at Outlands 1 and Outlands 13.

    Quest: Slaying the monster
    Wow did you kill it?

    - Yep.

    Click on "Yep"

    Quest: Slaying the monster
    Wow I never thought you would make it out alive !
    Now I can tell everyone I have been training you to kill it. I finally get some fame wich I have always wanted.
    People will be very excited to hear this adventure !
    Thanks for helping me. I've reached what I want, i can stop fighting now.
    You can have this acient sword... This was property of the army who created Valera ages ago...
    You got 750 health experience.
    You got 1 Valera sword.
    You have completed the "Slaying the monster" quest !


    - Reworked the database and functions for the Deathscores. HoF still currently unavailable

    2024-06-30 Mr Tiddles

    - Removal of the Deathscores for now to rebuild them in the future

    2024-06-30 Mr Tiddles

    - Arch. caves 6 is being added we need all the info you can help us with! Feel free to message me and ill keep checking forums.

    2024-06-08 mazrim taim

    - New gamans added to creature list with normal non invasion exps!

    2024-05-15 mazrim taim

    - Death scores now display from our database to produce weekly kills

    2024-05-15 Mr Tiddles

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