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Open Sesame quest

Startling location: Rima city - barracks, Calmere Island
The strongest creature you need to fight to complete this quest is combat level 120.

First quest to gain access to Tirnus Caves


Kill monsters to gain access to Tirnus caves.


  • Scroll of the palace
  • 200 Obsidian Longswords
  • 60hp


  • 10000 strength experience
  • 10000 health experience
  • 10000 defense experience
  • 10000 attack experience
  • Walkthrough

    Visit Rima City Barracks with the scroll of the palace in your inventory. Click the link "Approach the Barracks". Only this step requires a scroll in your inventory, and it won't be removed upon completion.

    You walk through the busy streets of Rima and happen upon the soldier barracks. The commanding presence this building gives off almost takes your breath away. As you ascend the front stairs, you begin to hear the sounds of training echoing from within the grounds.

    You head inside, and after a short while traversing the maze-like halls, you notice natural light streaming in from the end of a hallway. You follow it and emerge onto one of the training grounds.

    You see a tall, armor-clad man training a group of recruits. He seems to be pushing them quite hard, as most of them lay exhausted on the floor.

    Armoured Man: Come on, you lousy excuses for men! That was only 600! I'm expecting at least 1,800 before breakfast!

    The man turns around after having noticed your presence, and you watch as his face flushes with anger.

    Armoured Man: Oi? You there! You're not supposed to be in here! These are the hallowed halls of Noelle! The training grounds of the next generation of soldiers!

    You simply respond with a blank expression. His rage turns to confusion as he slowly realizes you have no idea what he is talking about.

    Armoured Man: Do... do you not know of the Great Hero Noelle? She, who once defended this island and trained some of the finest soldiers--nay, heroes Syrnia has ever known?

    The man introduces himself as General Oren, and you explain your situation to him and how you have arrived to this point

    General Oren: Ah, I see. So Bidou Docks are operational once again?

    This news will alleviate many of King Anssi's worries. He will be quite pleased.

    So, [Player Name]... I'm impressed with the tale of your journey. I wonder if you might be able to lend your skills and knowledge to help this land.

    You see, when Bidou Docks initially closed long ago due to issues between King Anssi and Lord Serpenthelm, we took far more casualties than we'd expected.

    We had such severe food shortages, to the point where we had no choice but to seal the city gates, and King Anssi had to watch his people suffer from behind the 'safety' of our walls.

    When it came to the protection of the people, we could not train soldiers effectively nor acquire the necessary equipment. Thus, we lost the respect of our people as well as our most valuable resource--Tirnus Caves.

    Calmere has indeed suffered greatly... I would like to request your help in reclaiming the caves. It will be no easy feat, but you will at least have the aid of my men.

    What I need from you is for you to go to the city center. There, you will see the king's palace. It is quite difficult to miss.

    I will send word ahead of you, letting the guards know to let you through. I hold authority to train our soldiers but not to bring outsiders into the affairs of Calmere, so you must speak with King Anssi and gain his permission for you to help us.

    Click 'I will meet with King Anssi'.

    General Oren: Very good, King Anssi will be waiting for you in the palace in the City Center.

    Visit the Palace at Rima City Center.

    As you reach the town center, you easily identify the palace--it being the largest and most.. well, palace-like building--and make your way toward it.

    Approaching the gates, you find yourself promptly halted by the palace guards.

    After a brief discussion, they understand you to be the one General Oren sent word about and point you in the direction of the grand hall, where King Anssi resides during the day.

    As you enter the grand hall, you take a moment to marvel at its absolute splendor. Its sheer size and opulent construction is awe-inspiring, moreso than even the barracks, which were--prior to the grand hall--beyond anything you have ever seen.

    As your eyes scan the chamber, they drift to the far end of the hall, where sits a man, not dressed in garments but in armour, giving off a regal aura of heroism and strength. He calls you forward, and you dare not hesitate.

    King Anssi: Greetings, [Player Name]. I've received word from Oren about your arrival. He mentioned that you could perhaps be of use to us. However, permit me to speak candidly... I do not see how you could.

    I, of course, mean no disrespect. As a warrior, I have spent a regrettable amount of time getting to know every facet of battle. I've learned all too well the cutting harshness of this world, as well as what it means to protect those we cherish.

    I watched as our gates closed on my people who came to me seeking aid.

    I have seen tremendous suffering in the fifteen long years since that fool Serpenthelm closed off his trade routes to us. We could not sustain the damage that followed thenceforth, and I failed as the leader of these people.

    We also have lost Tirnus Caves, our most treasured asset. Tell me what you could do for us that my men have not attempted and failed to do countless times?

    King Anssi opens the floor for you to speak, so you tell the king of your adventure so far. He appears intrigued.

    King Anssi: I see even that fool Serpen--

    He sighs.

    Yes, I see... okay, [Player Name]. I trust my general's judgment. However, I will first test your mettle. I must ensure you can truly be of help to us.

    King Anssi paces back and forth, gazing upon you occasionally as he ponders the situation.

    King Anssi: You have piqued my curiosity. The yeti that reside on Mount Tirnus had always been kept in line, but as our recruits depleted and our equipment slowly waned, we lost more and more ground to them.

    By no means will they be easy foes, so I want you to first go back to Kingswood Forest and train against the creatures that dwell there. They are great training for our recruits when they aren't being put through their paces by General Oren.

    Kill 1,000 Giant Salamanders there before returning. We could do with the extra meat and hides, and you will gain important knowledge and skills against the native inhabitants of Calmere.

    Click 'I will do as you ask'.

    King Anssi: Good, good. I look forward to your return, [Player Name]!

    Kill 1000 Salamanders at Kingwood Forest, then return to the Palace at Rima City Center.

    King Anssi: Welcome back, [Player Name]. News has reached me that you have finished the task I set before you. To think of the thousand you have slain with such ease reminds me of... well, me, and my time spent in the training grounds.

    I now trust that you could be of use to us. However, I must be frank... due to my age, I no longer can lead the charge, and if Oren were to, and things were to go sour, we would have lost our greatest trainer of the next generation.

    If you truly want to be of help to Calmere, I must simply ask that you lead my soldiers into this battle to reclaim the caves.

    Fear not. It is a decision my council and I have spoken about in great detail since having sent you on your quest. The mere fact that you succeeded in this task, and so quickly, shows that you may even hold more merit than many of our own fine soldiers here. We believe you to possess qualities of a great soldier.

    King Anssi pauses as he appears to ponder something. His reaction changes, and he seems hesitant to continue. After a brief few moments, he looks back at you.

    King Anssi: I am glad to have you to lead us. However, I feel as though I must now be entirely honest with you.

    I can send my men to fight by your side, but they are poorly equipped. Our armour still holds strong, but we lack the weapons we would need to make this final effort. I realize how foolish this sounds coming from a kingdom once known to be quite wealthy, but alas, it is the truth.

    I must ask one more thing of you before we begin the assault on Tirnus Cave. My soldiers will need 200 more Obsidian Long Swords. I realize how much I am asking of you. Once we have these weapons, we will use them to take back what is ours, and then you will be greatly rewarded.

    Click 'I can get you the swords you need'.

    King Anssi: Your help is more appreciated than you know. Meet with Caroline at the Barracks, and she will speak with you further concerning the swords. I have other matters I must now attend to.

    Return to Rima City Barracks.

    After your meeting with King Anssi, you make your way back to the barracks. The guards lead you to Caroline. As you enter a room, you see a young lady sitting behind a desk, immersed deep within a book. She adjusts her glasses as she notices you, then she rushes out from behind the desk to greet you

    Caroline: Ah! Hello, um... you must be the man King Anssi and Oren have spoken so highly of. It has been a while since I've seen a smile on their faces. It's kinda contagious when you see the two men who have carried so much weight on their backs grin again as they had before this all happened. You seem to have brought with you something that has been long lost here... hope. I thank you so much, even if just for that.

    Caroline pauses and spaces out for a moment before looking at you again.

    Caroline: Oh, n-no, please excuse me. I-I have taken up too much of your time. Um, so you were going to aid King Anssi with swords? I have the info here--gimme one second.

    Caroline rushes back behind the pile of books on the desk. She grabs what appears to be a piece of parchment.

    Caroline: This is the plan King Anssi instructed to me, General Oren, and the other court members. I am not a warrior by any means, but the people seem to gravitate to me. I just wished to help them during these difficult times, and I kinda ended up as a ranking official in King Anssi's court.

    To be honest, it's a bit frightening seeing all those big men shouting together in one room, but the king and General Oren have put their faith in me, so I will not let down them, nor our people.

    Oh, um, yes... the plan. That is 200 Obsidian Long Swords. If you could deliver them to me quite soon, that would be very much appreciated. You'd best find a good smith who owes you a favor!

    Click 'I think I know a good smith'.

    Caroline: This is such great news. I think I'm already seeing a bit of what General Oren and King Anssi saw in you. Don't rush, but... uh, hurry back!

    After having acquired the swords--and somehow being able to hold them all on your person at once--you head back to the Barracks and Caroline.

    After finding yourself lost for a few minutes, you finally come across Caroline's study. She notices you in the hallway, smiles, and quickly rushes over to you, dragging you into the study with her.

    Caroline: [Player Name], I knew you would not let us down! Tell me, have you acquired the swords King Anssi has requested?

    Provide 200 Obsidan Long Swords at Rima City Barracks.

    Caroline: This is amazing! Thank you, [Player Name]! I will inform the king and the general right away. You might want to check up with the general yourself.

    Seeking out General Oren, you find him in his office, which is surprisingly more organised than you had expected.

    General Oren: Ah, [Player Name], do come in. My men are now fighting fit and brandishing the finest weapons they've lain eyes on in years.

    I am sorry I dragged you into all of this, but when you told me about your adventures, I just had a feeling you would be the one to help us finally take back what is ours.

    Meet us at Mount Tirnus when you are ready. My men will leave soon. The entrance to the mountain is at the southeast corner of the city.

    Will you finish this with us [Player Name]?

    Click 'I will meet you at the mountain, sir'.

    General Oren leaves to convene with his men before you can say another word.

    Proceed to Mount Tirnus.

    After a difficult climb, you reach the peak of Mount Tirnus. Seeking out General Oren, you find him giving orders to his men a short distance away.

    General Oren: Ah, [Player Name], you made it. My men are ready to draw out the Yeti King.

    The plan is simple: kill the yeti until we draw out their king. Once the king has been slain, the rest of the yeti will flee, and we will be able to reclaim the cave. [Player Name], are you ready?

    Click 'Let's do this!'


    Fight 350 Yetis.

    The air is icy, the heavy snow is nearly blinding, and the sounds of battle fill the air--the screams of men, and the guttural cries of beasts.

    You move around the soldiers locked in battle with the yeti. Frozen bodies lay all around you from both sides.

    As you move across the snowy mountaintop, you come across General Oren as he finishes taking down a yeti, which falls onto the large pile of yeti corpses that have accumulated around him. Oren rushes over to you, high from the thrill of battle.

    General Oren: Aha! Brace yourself, lads! The Yeti King will surely show itself now!

    If we take out the King, the rest of the yeti will retreat, and our mission will be a success! Chin up, [Player Name]. We are almost there!

    Click 'Let's finish this'.

    General Oren: Here it comes, [Player Name]! FOR CALMERE!

    Kill the Yeti King at Mount Tirnus.

    After a violent battle, the Yeti King finally falls. The moment it does, you and General Oren stand and watch as the remaining yeti flee for places unknown.

    General Oren: AHA-HA! GLORY! [Player Name], I haven't had such a great fight in years!

    This will mark a new beginning for Calmere, and it's all thanks to you, [Player Name]! Let us report our incredible victory to King Anssi.

    Click 'YES, SIR!'

    General Oren and his men pack up and begin the trudge back down the mountain. You follow behind.

    Return to Rima City Barracks.

    After a grueling walk back down the mountain, you finally make it to Rima and head to the palace to meet with King Anssi. Upon reaching the palace, you are quickly rushed away to get cleaned up.

    The maids and servants seem to be cheerful. Many are chattering about the Battle of Tirnus and the heroics of General Oren. They are also whispering about a hero called [Player Name].

    After a nice bath spent scrubbing off the filth from the mountain, you are surprised to see your clothes and armour all clean and tidy. The maids make quick work! You then get ready to meet with King Anssi.

    You arrive outside the great hall. As you enter, you see King Anssi musing on his throne. General Oren and Caroline are with him, as well as four other individuals, who appear to be the rest of his court. The people gathered start to applaud as you approach the king.

    King Anssi: [Player Name]! I could not put into words how much of a blessing your arrival has been, not only for Rima, but for all of Calmere.

    To think that a single person could come here and change the future of this land is extraordinary! You have helped us reclaim Tirnus Caves, our greatest monetary asset, and with it, the ability to regrow Calmere to its former glory.

    The people, my court, and I all owe you a massive debt of gratitude that we could never truly repay.

    With the experience gained from this venture as well, I am sure you will continue to assist us and be a valuable ally in the future.

    King Anssi rises from his throne, and the people all begin to applaud. This continues for what feels like an eternity before Anssi hushes the room and thanks the people for attending, dismissing them.

    As everyone exits the grand hall, you are left alone in the room with the king. He stops you before you go.

    King Anssi: Before you head off, [Player Name]! Since we have access to the caves again, you are welcome to explore them as you see fit. According to my scouts, however, due to those damn Yeti running amok for so many years, the caves are no longer safe; much of the interior of the caves has been damaged, and some tunnels have been blocked.

    I ask you this now, not as a king, but a man in need... would you be willing to help us clear the rubble by means of a donation? Think of it more as an investment. We ask for 100,000 gold, which can be paid to my men stationed at the caves. I feel this might seem cheeky to ask, but it will help us immensely in funding the reparations to the cave system, and in turn, it will aid you in your adventures.

    Click 'I would be happy if my gold went toward repairing the caves'.

    King Anssi: I knew you would. You can pay whenever you are ready, but I hope you can understand that you will not be permitted access until you have.

    Thank you again, [Player Name]... for everything.

    You got 10000 attack experience. You got 10000 defence experience. You got 10000 strength experience. You got 10000 health experience. You have completed the "Open Sesame" quest !


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