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An old mans trouble quest

Startling location: Kingswood forest, Calmere Island
To complete this quest it is NOT neccesary to fight any creatures.

Help an old man build a wall.


Be able to make it to Kings wood forest on Calmere.


  • 6000 construction experience
  • Walkthrough

    You emerge from the forest into a clearing and are surprised to find a small hut sitting near the center. As you approach, an old man appears to your right, seemingly out of thin air. He eyes you up and down and sniffs the air.

    Old Man: HEY! You aren't one of them soldiers! Y'ain't even from this island. I can tell cause of my insightful sniffer.

    Wait a minute! Does this mean Bidou Docks are sailing ships again?

    Huzzah! That is some joyous news if I ever heard some! For so long now, Calmere has been lost to the rest of the world.

    Them damn soldiers up in Rima City have controlled and dictated everything as of late. I cant even go on up to see ma late wife without paying thems outrageous troll toll.

    The old man pauses and stares off into the distance, his face hard and expressionless.

    Arin Dah: Ma names Arin Dah, and I've been here most of ma life. I was born over on Serpenthelm and came over here as a trader. I watched this island get shut off from the world and fall into the sorry state it's in now. Them soldiers closed their gates and left this side of the island to fend fer ourselves.

    But enough about the past. Ya smell like ya got a strong back n legs there!

    Umm... What was yer name again? ... Right... Well, [Player Name], could you be a lamb and help an old man?

    I need about.. hrmm.. 800 rocks for the wall I'm buildin', but I struggle ta get much from the city these days.

    Click 'Sure, why not?'

    Arin Dah: Well blow me down with a handful o' Hops! I am most grateful for yer showin up today and agreein ta help, young one.

    Return 800 Rocks to Arin Dah

    Arin Dah: Ah if it isn't the outlander!

    How's the back holdin' up? Did ya get me them rocks yet?

    Click 'I got 'em all for you!'

    Arin Dah: Sweet, merciful Sheppard, am I glad I met you! Mind if I see those?

    You watch helplessly as Arin Dah grabs the heavy sack of rocks out of your hand and begins pulling them out, one by one. You want to interrupt him, but you are too fascinated that he is actually taking the time to ensure you have brought back an even 800. You sit down on a stump and wait this out... You ended up dozing off for a few minutes under a sunbeam, but you wake up as he is about finished pulling the last of the rocks out of the sack.

    Arin Dah: 798... 799... Hmm...

    He glances up at you.

    Arin Dah: Uh, kid? It looks like yer missing one.

    Click 'Continue'

    He pauses for a few moments then bursts out in laughter, pulling out a rock from behind his back.

    Arin Dah: Hah! The look on yer face could'a fed a herd o' cows fer weeks!

    Really, you did good, kid. You helped an old man gather what he needed to build his wall! Why I am building this wall though is the real question... but don't let it haunt ya!

    You got 6000 constructing experience. You have completed the "An Old Man's Trouble" quest !


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