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Cleaning the lake quest

Startling location: Osis lake, Calmere Island
To complete this quest it is NOT neccesary to fight any creatures.

Clean Osis lake


Clean trash from the lake Osis on Calmere island


Make it to Calmere island


  • 10000 fishing experience
  • Walkthrough

    Go to Osis Lake on Calmere Island. Click 'Ko's hut' in the city menu.

    You approach what appears to be an ancient, wooden cabin near the dark lake. You notice a bald, elderly man sitting in a chair on the porch, whistling a jolly tune.

    As you advance, you regard his beard, which has grown nearly to his knees. You're still admiring its extraordinary length when the man takes notice of your arrival. He stands up and points his cane at you.

    Elderly Man: You there! I thought I told you and your people to scram!

    The man stops, squints at you, and then his harsh gaze softens.

    Elderly Man: Huh. You're not from here, are you? I mistook you for a resident of Rima City.

    You: My name is [Player Name], and I'm a traveler. What's going on between you and Rima City?

    Click 'Listen to the old man's story'.

    Ko: People usually call me Ko. The soldiers from Rima City Barracks are nothing but a bunch of dirty criminals.
    They have been coming to this lake for years now and dumping their waste into it. My duty is to protect this lake, but there is only so much an old man can do. The pollution has gotten so bad, it is difficult to even fish here these days. Some of the fish have even turned an odd shade of red.

    Ko pauses for a moment and stares at you intently.

    Ko: Say, you wouldn't happen to be interested in helping me try and clean up some of the waste contaminating Osis Lake, would you?

    If you did, it might actually make this lake fishable once again.

    Ko: Marvelous! Truly spectacular! I thank the gods for your arrival. All you must do is bring a Net and use it to capture the contaminates and drag them out of the lake.

    You: I can't believe I'm about to do this...

    Use a net to fish trash out of Osis Lake.

    Ko: Finished already? Wonderful! Thank you so very much for your help, friend. I couldn't have done this all myself. Now, you should have a much easier time fishing in this lake. Feel free to come and visit me whenever you want!

    Before you head on your way... did you ever hear the myth of the scrolls?

    You: No.

    ... What?

    Ko: I thought not. It's not a story the outlanders would tell you. It's a Calmere legend...

    Ko begins to weave a vast and detailed narrative about these "mythical scrolls". Whether or not the story has any truth to it matters not to you. Ko is so engrossed in telling his story that he doesn't notice as you quietly slip away. Perhaps you'll visit him and listen to his stories sometime later...

    You got 10000 fishing experience. You have completed the "Cleaning The Lake" quest !


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