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Protect the Camp quest

Startling location: Arch. cave 5.9, Arch. cave 5
The strongest creature you need to fight to complete this quest is combat level 105.


  • Torch
  • You must have completed the Accessing Arch. Caves 5 quest


  • Information on how to kill a dragon (see walkthrough below)
  • Walkthrough

    This quest is activated by clicking a link at 5.9 and is a 3 stage process. Your first task is to provide the camp with a Torch. Do not equip the Torch when trying to progress at this stage, leave it in your inventory or it wont be recognised! The second stage requires you to slay 50 Platina Gamans and the final stage requires you to slay 50 Syriet Gamans. The gamans you kill can either be the auto attacks you fight whilst walking around or the invasion gamans that protect the ores, both count towards the quest totals. The reward for completing this quest is information about how to kill a Dragon.

    The Dragon's flames are very strong and can deliver very high amounts of damage and break armour effortlessly. But the effects of these flamed attacks are greatly weakened by equipping armour that matches the Dragons own. Along with lower damage it also prevents them from being able to destroy your armour and weapon. Therefore if you fight a Platina Flame Dragon you will need to equip Platina armour in all available slots along with a Platina weapon. The use of any other type of weapons or armour, lower or higher in level than Platina, will simply cause a damage multiplier to take effect and the Dragonís attacks will become much stronger, in addition to breaking the weapon and armour pieces. The exception to this rule is Dragon Armour.


    - Reworked the database and functions for the Deathscores. HoF still currently unavailable

    2024-06-30 Mr Tiddles

    - Removal of the Deathscores for now to rebuild them in the future

    2024-06-30 Mr Tiddles

    - Arch. caves 6 is being added we need all the info you can help us with! Feel free to message me and ill keep checking forums.

    2024-06-08 mazrim taim

    - New gamans added to creature list with normal non invasion exps!

    2024-05-15 mazrim taim

    - Death scores now display from our database to produce weekly kills

    2024-05-15 Mr Tiddles

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