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Mighty Warrior quest

Startling location: Beset catacombs, Anasco island
The strongest creature you need to fight to complete this quest is combat level 85.


  • You must have completed the Clearing the Tomb quest
  • 1 Torch
  • We recommend 40hp


  • 2000 strength experience
  • 2000 health experience
  • 2000 defence experience
  • 2000 attack experience
  • 1x Cake
  • 1x Syriet scimitar
  • Walkthrough

    You see an ancient warrior gathering his battle equipment.

    Click on "Go up to him."

    He tells you "My name is Piankhi. A long time ago, I was the most powerful warrior on Anasco and led a revolt against the evil Sekhmet.
    This vile being ruled the island and treated everyone as her slave.
    After much training, I was finally able to defeat her in a battle which took ages to complete. Unfortuanately, Sekhmet has now returned to Anasco to conquer the island and renew her reign of terror. I see you are a hardy warrior. Are you willing to fight Sekhmet in my place?"

    Click on "Ok, I could use a good fight!"

    "Thank you! While I may not be strong enough now to fight her, I can give you tips to fight Sekhmet. First, she is very powerful so be sure to wear your best fighting gear. Fire is Sekhmet's biggest weakness. You may find a use for that torch you used
    earlier to locate me. I have heard she is planning to enter
    Anasco via Thabis so you should see her there. Good luck!"

    Travel to Thabis and make sure you have a Torch equipped before you start battling! The Sekhmet will be three times as strong if you have not.

    You can see Sekhmet approaching Anasco. Make a stand now and fight?

    Click on "Nothing can stop me from winning!"

    Once you have killed the Sekhmet, return to Piankhi at Beset Catacombs.

    Piankhi: "Wow you really killed her?"

    Click on "Yes I did!"

    "You are a brave and powerful warrior. I have some gifts for you. Thank you for your help!"

    You got 1 Cake.
    You got 2000 defence experience.
    You got 2000 attack experience.
    You got 2000 strength experience.
    You got 2000 health experience.
    You got 1 Syriet scimitar.
    You have completed the "Mighty Warrior" quest!


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    2024-06-30 Mr Tiddles

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