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Hidden forest quest

Startling location: Ammon, Anasco island
To complete this quest it is NOT neccesary to fight any creatures.


  • Level 30 mining
  • Level 15 constructing
  • 1 Torch
  • 1500 wood


  • 2500 constructing experience
  • Ability to cut wood at Ammon (level 100 forest)
  • Walkthrough

    When going to where Ammon appears to be based on signs around the island, you notice the forest appears to be inaccessible due to a worn down bridge which hasn't been used for ages. A sign at the entrance of the bridge states "Only a wise man from the golden era of Anasco Island can help you figure out the way to the the legendary forest of Ammon. Find Bekenkhonsu to aid you on your quest." It is rumoured Bekenknonsu was last see in Beset. Go to see him?

    Click on "Yes, I do!"

    Go to Beset

    Upon arrival to Beset, you notice an obstructed chamber. Mine the stone blocks so you will be able to enter the chamber.

    Mine 1000 stone blocks. This requires requires level 30 mining and a Torch and Pickaxe equipped. Hint: click on quests in the menu to follow your progress.

    You cleared a rock.
    You gained 30 mining experience.
    Timer: 50s

    Upon clearing the chamber you see an elderly man resembling Bekenknonsu. You go up to him.

    "There is a path to the forest which can be constructed if you have the skill and the patience. The old bridge is too damaged to be repaired so you will need to construct a new bridge to reach the forest. I will give you instructions before I go to my house in Maadi to rest. First, you must mine your way through this chamber and once you are clear, you will need to build a bridge to the secondary forest entrance which has been hidden under the city of Ammon for eons. Watch out for any traps when constructing your bridge! Are you ready to start your journey?"

    Now that you are through the chamber, you must start constructing a bridge to the entrance of the forest.

    Click on "Build the bridge" This requires level 15 constructing, a hammer equipped and 1500 wood. You need to complete 1500 actions (1 wood per action). Hint: click on quests in the menu to follow your progress.

    You're building the bridge.
    You gained 3 constructing experience.
    Timer: 30s

    You have built the bridge!

    Congrats! You are now able to obtain the ultimate woodcutting prizes from this ancient forest! You can now reach this legendary forest from Ammon!
    You got 2500 constructing experience.
    You have completed the "Hidden forest" quest!


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    2024-06-30 Mr Tiddles

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    2024-06-30 Mr Tiddles

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