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Sick fisher or sick of fishing quest

Startling location: Castle Rose, Serpenthelm island
To complete this quest it is NOT neccesary to fight any creatures.


  • Rose gate pass (500gp)
  • 10 Catfish (requires level 10 to fish)


  • 3000 fishing experience
  • 1x Rose crest shield
  • Walkthrough

    Note: you need level 10 fishing to complete this quest.
    To start this Quest, you need to get to Castle Rose.
    You can only travel to Castle Rose via Rose Gates. Rose Gates requires a "Rose Gate Pass" to travel to Rose Castle.
    You can purchase these at Rose Gates for 500 gold. Some player shops sell for a little cheaper.
    Once at Rose Castle, click on "Rose Castle Keep"

    Greetings traveler, don't worry about my title or how to address me, I know I don't. I believe the world runs by men and women of action.
    like in my youth I helped to keep this area safe and so I look for others who strive to do the same.
    You will of course be rewarded for your good deeds even though the deeds themselves should be enough.

    Ask the Lord for a quest

    Click on "Ask the lord for a quest"

    I have word of an old fishermen at the Singing River who is sick and I would like you to help him with his harvest, after doing this please come back and see me.

    Travel to Singing River

    Search for the sick fisher

    Click on "Search for the sick fisher"

    You find the sick fisher in his hut.
    He tells you he nearly had all the fish he needed when he got sick.
    He needs 10 more Catfishes....

    Equip your Net. Click on Fish at Singing River. Once you have 10 Catfish, you will be able to give them to the sick fisherman

    Have you got the 10 catfishes yet?

    Click "Yes"

    Ah great !
    This is a huge relief...I feel a little bit better already..

    Return to Rose Castle.
    Click on "Rose Castle Keep" in the city menu.
    Click on "Speak with the lord"

    So you've helped this fisher in need?
    That was pretty fast. I hope this fiher gets well soon.

    You got 3000 fishing experience.
    You got 1 Rose crest shield.
    You have completed the "Sick fisher or sick of fishing?" quest !


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