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Huge problems quest

Startling location: Penteza, Elven island
The strongest creature you need to fight to complete this quest is combat level 80.


  • 100 casino chips
  • We recommend 40hp before fighting the Canlo giant


  • 1000 strength experience
  • 1000 health experience
  • 1000 defence experience
  • 1000 attack experience
  • Walkthrough

    Travel to Penteza on Elven Island. Click on "Huppele pub".

    You see an man drinking beer on his own..

    Click on "Talk to him."

    Oh hey you, I could tell you a tip helpful for every warrior... I will tell it to you if you get me 100 casino chips ! I need to trow some gnomes badly!

    Click on "Ok, I'll get you the casino chips."

    Thankyou, I need the chips !

    You can get casino chips from the Elven Casino. They can purchased for 10 gold each. You can buy all 100 Casino Chips, or you can try your luck in the casino and try to win the 100 Casino Chips Needed.
    Once you have 100 Casino Chips, click on "Huppele pub".

    Have you got the gno.. chips yet?

    Click on "Yeah here you are.. now what was your tip?"

    Lovely lovely chips....
    Oh yes the tip...
    Well rumours go theres an full grown Canlo giant somewhere in the Exella mountain.
    I think you could find it at the second last cave at the top..
    Canlo giants are known to be very hard to kill..But warriors who manage to kill them gain very much combat experience too.
    Well if you ever manage to kill it you should tell me.
    Now I have gnom..got some important stuff to do.
    When I return as a rich man I won't forget you..I might trow a gnome with your name on it !

    This part of the quest, requires you to fight 1 Canlo Giant. Canlo Giant is a combat level 80 creature. Once you have prepared to fight, travel to Exella Mountain on Elven Island.

    You can see the cave wich the man at the pub told you about. Do you want to fight the Canlo giant..if it's there?

    Click on "Fight it". Once you have killed the giant, return to Penteza and click on "Huppele pub".

    So wow you killed it?

    Click on "Yes I did !"

    Don't you feel alot stronger now?
    Not many warriors have been able to defeat the Canlo giant, you must be special...
    And you indeed feel alot stronger than before...

    You got 1000 attack experience.
    You got 1000 health experience.
    You got 1000 defence experience.
    You got 1000 strength experience.
    You have completed the "Huge problems" quest !


    - Reworked the database and functions for the Deathscores. HoF still currently unavailable

    2024-06-30 Mr Tiddles

    - Removal of the Deathscores for now to rebuild them in the future

    2024-06-30 Mr Tiddles

    - Arch. caves 6 is being added we need all the info you can help us with! Feel free to message me and ill keep checking forums.

    2024-06-08 mazrim taim

    - New gamans added to creature list with normal non invasion exps!

    2024-05-15 mazrim taim

    - Death scores now display from our database to produce weekly kills

    2024-05-15 Mr Tiddles

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