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Farming guide by aussiebeast

Getting started

Farming is one of the easiest skills to level up, but be warned, it gets very expensive as you progress through the levels. The demand for seeds makes them a much sought after resource. So if you plan to work on farming but not woodcutting, prepare to outlay a lot of gold.
Once you have a house, equip your spade and you are ready to prepare your farmland. Click the "Player house" link in the town menu, then click "Check your farmland". You will be presented with the option to purchase farmland. You start off preparing 25 slots, but this can be progressively upgraded to 400 slots. See the table below for costs.

Slots Pre-requisite Upgrade cost (gp) Total cost (gp)
25 House 750 750
50 25 farm slots1,500 2,250
100 50 farm slots3,000 5,250
200 100 farm slots6,000 11,250
400 200 farm slots12,000 23,250
800 400 farm slots24,000 47,250

NOTE: the 800 slot farm is not available yet. It may be implemented with future updates.

NOTE 2: a spade is NOT required to plant or harvest your crops, it is only required to prepare you first farm slots, or to upgrade you existing farmland.

Obtaining seeds

There are a number of ways to obtain seeds:

  1. woodcutting at all forests (See Woodcutting Guide)
  2. creature drops in combat
  3. from chests/gifts
  4. from NPC's in certain special events

Initially the easiest way to get seeds is woodcutting. In the table below are the different seed types and at which forests to obtain them. The Outlands has a much higher seed drop rate than any other forest, but chop there at your own risk!

Level Exp/Chop Wood/chop Seed types Seed images
1 15 1-2 Radish seeds, Beet seeds, Carrot seeds
15 22 1-3 Beet seeds, Cabbage seeds, Onion seeds
25 30 1-3 Grain seeds, Tomato seeds, Corn seeds
40 (poor) 65 1-3 Grain seeds, Strawberry seeds, Green pepper seeds
40 (rich) 65 1-6 Grain seeds, Strawberry seeds, Green pepper seeds
55 rich 140 2-11 Strawberry seeds, Apple seeds, Hop seeds, Peach seeds, Watermelon seeds, Tomato seeds, Orange seeds
55 130 1-10 Green pepper seeds, Spinach seeds, Eggplant seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Apple seeds
75 275 4-15 Pear seeds, Broccoli seeds, Peach seeds, Orange seeds
100 400 4-20 Pineapple seeds, Watermelon seeds, Vervefruit seeds, Fruit of life seeds
120 ** 15-30 Turnip seeds, Grapefruit seeds Orange seeds Fruit of life seeds

Planting your seeds

To begin growing your own food, you must make sure of the following:

  1. You are at your house with the farmland you prepared
  2. You farmland has sufficient room for the seeds you intend to plant
  3. The seeds must be in your inventory

Click the "Player house" link in the town menu, click "Check your farmland". Above your farmland you will see the options to plant those seeds you currently have in your inventory. Simply type in the number of seeds into the box corresponding to the seed type you wish to plant, then click "Plant".

You do NOT have to fill all farm slots at once with one type of seed, you can plant mixed crops, as long as the total does not exceed the number of farm slots you have at that farm. You can NOT plant more seeds of one type if you don't have them in your inventory.

The larger the crop the more time it takes to both plant and harvest, though there is a reduction in planting and harvesting times with each level you gain. By carefully planning when you plant and using the growing times in the table below, you should be able to have your crops ready to harvest when you are online, or have the best chance of harvesting the full crop.

Now you can work on something else while you wait for your crops to grow!

Img Req lvl Seed Growing hours P/G/R Experience
1 Radish seeds 16
(21-07-2024 13:31)
1 Beet seeds 16
(21-07-2024 13:31)
4 Carrot seeds 28
(22-07-2024 01:31)
7 Cabbage seeds 34
(22-07-2024 07:31)
11 Onion seeds 38
(22-07-2024 11:31)
14 Grain seeds 41
(22-07-2024 14:31)
17 Tomato seeds 49
(22-07-2024 22:31)
20 Corn seeds 55
(23-07-2024 04:31)
25 Strawberry seeds 65
(23-07-2024 14:31)
29 Green pepper seeds 68
(23-07-2024 17:31)
34 Spinach seeds 59
(23-07-2024 08:31)
39 Eggplant seeds 78
(24-07-2024 03:31)
43 Cucumber seeds 95
(24-07-2024 20:31)
48 Pumpkin seeds 92
(24-07-2024 17:31)
52 Apple seeds 95
(24-07-2024 20:31)
57 Pear seeds 79
(24-07-2024 04:31)
63 Broccoli seeds 97
(24-07-2024 22:31)
66 Peach seeds 109
(25-07-2024 10:31)
71 Orange seeds 104
(25-07-2024 05:31)
78 Plum seeds 86
(24-07-2024 11:31)
84 Avocado seeds 129
(26-07-2024 06:31)
89 Pineapple seeds 104
(25-07-2024 05:31)
92 Watermelon seeds 149
(27-07-2024 02:31)
97 Vervefruit seeds 152
(27-07-2024 05:31)
100 Fruit of life seeds 153
(27-07-2024 06:31)
105 Turnip seeds 163
(27-07-2024 16:31)
125 Grapefruit seeds 179
(28-07-2024 08:31)

NOTE: the average time listed in the table above is not the definite time the crops will be ready to harvest. There is a +/- number of hours for each crop. This +/- increases with each seed type. As you work on your farming, you will be able to determine the min/max range for your crops. The growing hours in the table are the average of a large amount of crops.
HOP seeds are special they can only be grown at Morrie fields


To check if your grown vegetable/fruit is ready for harvest, check your farmland and when you hover over the farm slots, if the pointer changes to a hand, click and you will start harvesting your crops.

If you have planted different types of seeds, or smaller lots of the same seed type, you do NOT harvest ALL seeds when only one lot is ready.

There is a possibility of gaining more ripe vegetable/fruit when harvesting though there is no way of knowing when it will happen. The downside to farming is, you can lose crops if you leave them ripe in the ground too long. You will only receive 1xp for every ripe grown vegetable/fruit you pick. Once harvested, your grown vegetables/fruit do NOT rot. They "remain" as fresh as the day you harvested them!


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