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Cooking guide by Quadiam


If you enjoy long arduous hours spent around a camp fire with other players, then cooking is for you. Cooking is utilized to turn your raw food into cooked food that can be used. Besides the normal cooking, there is also baking bread. After you've prepared cooked foods or bread, you can eat them in combat to restore health to continue fighting your way to victory.

Getting started

Cooking fish Now that you have decided that you want to cook, its time to learn how. This part is about cooking raw fish or meat, which you can obtain by fishing or monster drops. To cook a raw you need wood and a tinderbox to make a fire to cook it on. The wood can be obtained by [[page woodcutting|woodcutting]]. Usually 1 wood is required for every raw, with a few minor exceptions covered below.

To cook, you have to have the Tinderbox equipped (you can buy one at the Eully market or from player shops.) Tinderboxes can break just like other tools, and there is a chance that you fail to cook your fish and let it burn. Burnt fish are worthless. Burning a fish still provides 1 experience. Be warned that at the start you will burn quite a lot of fish (up to 50%!), but your burnrate will improve by a lot when you level up.

The higher your level, the lower the chance that you will burn a fish. Therefore it can be better not to cook the highest fish that you can cook, but cook fish that you can successfully cook to maximize your experience gains. As you gain levels your base timer will slowly decrease which helps your time per experience ratios. Cooking 10 fish for a total of 40 experience is better than cooking 2 for 30 experience. For every player that shares your cooking fire, 2 seconds are added to your base timer.

Example of timer improvement (sardines)

At level 25 cooking, with 5 other players = 44 seconds
At level 38 cooking, with 5 other players = 41 seconds
At level 69 cooking, with 5 other players = 34 seconds

Example of burn rate improvement (sardines)

At level 23 cooking, 767 successfully cooked and 134 burnt. Burn Rate 17%
At level 26 cooking, 2593 successfully cooked and 407 burnt. Burn Rate 15%
At level 28 cooking, 502 successfully cooked and 63 burnt. Burn Rate 12%
At level 38 cooking, 336 cooked and 9 burnt. Burn Rate 2%

As you level your burn rate will decrease significantly increasing your overall experience gains. Note however, that there is some randomness to burning. Sometimes you will burn more, sometimes less.

Time reduction

To reduce your timer in cooking, you can equip a cauldron. Cauldrons go in the shield slot and reduce your cooking timer. Cauldrons are not a replacement of the tinderbox, which you will still need.

Img Req level Item
1 Tinderbox
75 Bone tinderbox

Img Req level Item
1 Bronze cauldron
10 Iron cauldron
25 Steel cauldron
40 Silver cauldron
55 Gold cauldron
60 Witch cauldron
70 Platina cauldron
75 Bone cauldron
85 Syriet cauldron
100 Obsidian cauldron
120 Puranium cauldron
140 Tiromyth cauldron


Baking is a special part of the cooking skill where you can make Bread out of your Grain. This can be done at Stanro (Exrollia island). Note though that you will be auto attacked by monsters at Exrollia island. If you have a high enough combat level, this is a very nice way to raise the first two dozens of levels.

You can get the grain by farming grain seeds. The baking timer is always 45 seconds, regardless of your level or other players working at your location. Baking gives you 12xp. This may seem a little low, however, you will never burn bread. You can bake bread at level 1 cooking, and it heals 3hp.

Baking cake (or regular bread) can be done at Thabis on Anasco island. You will need cooking lvl 80 and complete the "Repair the smokehouse" quest. The timer is 60 seconds and you will need 1 grain and 1 plum to bake a cake. Baking cake gives you 50 exp, and cake heals 21 hp.


Only you have reached level 80, a new type of cooking becomes available to you. Once you have completed the repair the smokehouse quest, you can smoke any type of fish at the Thabis smokehouse. Smoking requires 1 coal per fish. Important to note is that the types of fish caught at Thabis can only be "cooked" by smoking them at a smokehouse, you cannot cook them with wood at regular cooking locations. Smoking is only available at certain times (opposite of the fishing scedule at Thabis).

Experience table

Img Req level Item Req items Cooking exp
1 Bread x1 12
1 Carrot cake x1 x1 7
1 Cupcake x1 5
1 Pumpkin pie x1 x1 17
1 Apple pie x1 x1 20
1 Cooked Frog x1 12
2 Cooked Shrimps x1 10
4 Cooked Sardine x1 14
5 Cooked Piranha x1 15
9 Cooked Herring x1 17
10 Cooked Catfish x1 19
14 Cooked Mackerel x1 20
15 Cooked Queen spider meat x1 25
19 Cooked Trout x1 23
20 Cooked Cod x1 30
20 Cooked Pike x1 37
25 Cooked Salmon x1 40
30 Cooked Tuna x1 59
35 Cooked Giant catfish x1 63
40 Cooked Lobster x1 66
43 Cooked Bass x1 150
45 Cooked Swordfish x1 280
50 Cooked Saurus meat x1 180
55 Cooked Sturgeon x1 160
60 Cooked bone fish x1 180
65 Cooked Coral fish x1 200
70 Cooked Wolf fish x1 225
70 Cooked Platina dragon meat x1 240
80 Cooked Shark x1 400
85 Cooked Syriet dragon meat x1 300
95 Cooked Lantern fish x1 450
100 Cooked Obsidian dragon meat x1 360
100 Cake x1 x1 50
100 Cooked Parrotfish x1 500
110 Cooked Lantern squid x1 500
115 Cooked Eel x1 600
120 Cooked Mystery meat x1 650
130 Cooked Snapper x1 1000
130 Cooked Octopus x1 1000
145 Cooked Salmon shark x1 1050
150 Cooked Rockfish x1 625
150 Cooked Crab x1 1100
165 Cooked Grouper x1 1500
170 Cooked Spider crab x1 725
190 Cooked Cavefish x1 900

Cooking locations

Location Map Action
Harith Remer island Level 1 cooking (1 wpf)
Toothen Skull island Level 1 cooking (1 wpf)
Burning beach Serpenthelm island Level 1 cooking (1 wpf)
Web haven Webbers island Level 1 cooking (1 wpf)
Sheppards hut Calmere Island Level 1 cooking (1 wpf)
The Outlands 16 The Outlands Level 1 cooking (0 wpf - PvP zone)
The Outlands 37 The Outlands Level 1 cooking (0 wpf - PvP zone)
Wingmere Exrollia Level 20 cooking (1 wpf)
Penteza Elven island Level 20 cooking (3/4 wpf)
Croy Kanzo island Level 50 cooking (4/5 wpf)
Thabis Anasco island Level 80 cooking (1 cpf)
Stanro Exrollia Bake bread
Thabis Anasco island Bake bread
Thabis Anasco island Bake cake


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