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Constructing guide by EvilGenius1


Tired of breaking items, running out of food, ...? Make something with your own hands that will withstand time. Build a private house to store your items and keep your money safe. Build a shop that will attract loads of fellow Syrnians. Or build a boat that will provide you a free ticket to almost every island. All three can be sold to other players for a profit ofcourse.

What can you build

You can build houses, shops and boats in various sizes, depending on your construction level. At level 1 you will only be able to build a small house of 250 or 500 slots. You will need to work on your construction level if you want to build something bigger, shops or even boats. Clans can now build stockhouses.

Training the skill

Building small houses will give you contruction exp, but the best way to increase your level is investing gold pieces (gp) and study the skill. Your first lessons will be in the construction school in Rile (or Hooks Edge if you are a pirate).

Name Location Req level to study Maximum level you can study
School Rile - Remer Island 0 10
University Hooks Edge - Skull Island 0 40
University Unera - Dearn Island 10 25
University Xanso - Mezno Island 25 40
University Kanzo - Kanzo Island 40 50
University Maadi - Anasco Island 50 Unknown
Rima-University Rima City - Calmere Island 50 Unknown

Every lesson will cost you a certain amount of gp (2 at first) and give 20 exp. The price will increase with your level while the xp remains the same. You can use our constructing calculator to see how much gold pieces you need to invest to reach a certain level.

Levels Gold cost per session
1 - 5 2
6 - 9 3
10 - 13 4
14 - 17 5
18 - 21 6
22 - 25 7
26 - 29 8
30 - 33 9
34 - 37 10
38 - 41 11
42 - 45 12
46 - 49 13
50 - 53 14
54 - 57 15
58 - 61 16
62 - 65 17
66 - 69 18
70 - 73 19
74 - 77 20
78 - 81 21
82 - 85 22
86 - 89 23
90 - 93 24
94 - 97 25
98 - 101 26

You need wood to build things with. Bigger houses, shops and boats will require more wood and give you more exp. Before you can start building you need to equip a hammer (you can equip better hammers once you level up, see chart). Then click on the construct option in the city menu, select what you want to build and wait for the timer to count down.
You can build in a lot of locations, but you are limited to only one house and one shop per location. At some locations you cannot build at all.

Island Houses/Shops/Clan stockhouses
Remer island yes
Dearn island yes
Mezno island yes
Skull island yes
Elven island yes
Serpenthelm island yes
Kanzo island yes
Exrollia (Pensax) yes
Exrollia (Other) no
Anasco island yes
Webbers island no
The Outlands no
Heerchey island & Arch. caves no
Ogre caves no
Celebration island no
Calmere island Some locations No SH's

Img Req level Item
1 Bronze hammer
10 Iron hammer
25 Steel hammer
40 Silver hammer
55 Gold hammer
70 Platina hammer
75 Bone hammer
85 Syriet hammer
100 Obsidian hammer
120 Puranium hammer
140 Tiromyth hammer


If you want another size house or shop on the same location you will need to get rid of your current one first. Either sell it to another player or use the option to destroy it. Make sure its empty first though or you'll loose all items and gp that was left behind. After confirming you want to demolish the house/shop it will be destroyed instantly and you'll get part of the wood refunded that was required for the building.


When you prefer a bigger house/shop you could choose to increase the slot amount of the existing building. No constructing level required, but it will cost more wood than building a new one. There is a limit to how often you can upgrade your existing building.


Houses are used for storage of items and gp. They can not be thieved. And you wont loose these items upon death. Each slot can hold one item (e.g. a 250 slot house can hold 250 shrimp) and all items take up one slot each, while the gp storage capacities is unlimited.
The only way to sell a house is put it on sale for a fixed price and wait till someone buy it. You can alter the price or take it off the market at any time.

Lvl req Slots Req items Exp
1 250 x250 18
1 500 x750 42
10 1500 x2,500 131
20 3000 x5,000 258
25 5000 x10,000 508
35 10000 x15,000 760
45 25000 x20,000 1010
55 50000 x30,000 1511
65 75000 x45,000 2511
75 100000 x60,000 3011
85 150000 x90,000 4512
95 250000 x150,000 7611


Shops are for selling items to other players. They can be thieved, both the items and the gp. Each slot can hold one item. The gp amount, generated by sales your shop can hold is unlimited, but it is advisable to withdraw it regularly for safety purposes.
The only way to sell a shop is put it on sale for a fixed price and wait till someone buy it. You can alter the price or take it off the market at any time.

Lvl req Slots Req items Exp
5 100 x500 29
6 250 x750 43
12 500 x1,000 57
15 750 x1,250 70
18 1,000 x1,500 83
23 1,500 x2,000 108
26 2,000 x4,000 209
30 2,500 x5,000 259
40 5,000 x7,500 385
50 10,000 x15,000 760
60 20,000 x30,000 1511
70 30,000 x40,000 2011
80 40,000 x50,000 2511
90 50,000 x55,000 2762
99 100,000 x100,000 5012

The amount of slots you can use depends on your trading level. If your trading level is not sufficient you can only use part of the max capacity of your shop. You can use our Shop slots calculator to see how much slots you can fill at a certain trading level.


Boats are the only way to travel to other islands. Ferries are available for a price, but owning your own boat will allow free travelling to almost all islands. There are no level requirements for travelling with boats. A bigger boat will reduce the travel time.
Boats are also used for the fishing skill. Bigger boats will catch bigger fish, if you have the required level. Boats can be sold in shops or through the Cave of Trades. The brigantine is an exception. It can only be built by pirates to send send invasions. Another exception is the canoe. Although its the biggest boat available its not faster than the trawler. The canoe is for traveling between Kanzo and Anasco. Only the canoe will give you a free ride between these islands.

Type of Boat Req level Wood amount EXP
Small Fishing Boat 20 2,000 107
Brigantine 15 3,000 153
Sloop 35 5,000 259
Boat 42 10,000 510
Trawler 50 15,000 760
Canoe 55 18,000 911
Long boat 65 25,000 1263

Clan stockhouses

Clans can build stockhouses to store items. These stockhouses work a bit like normal player houses but everyone in the clan (who have permission, given by clan leader) can see it. The 3 permissions a clan leader can give are add/view (this allows people to help construct the stockhouse, add items to it and request items from it), remove (instead of requesting the items are removed) and manage (this allows requests to be accepted and logs to be viewed).

Levels Resources added Exp
0-9 5 40
10-24 5 60
25-39 10 80
40-54 15 100
55-70? 20 120


Slots Req items
50,000 x50,000 x20,000 x500
100,000 x100,000 x20,000 x1,000 x500
150,000 x150,000 x20,000 x1,500 x1,000
250,000 x250,000 x40,000 x2,000 x2,000 x1,000
500,000 x500,000 x100,000 x5,000 x10,000 x2,000


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