The Shire of Hoes [TSoH]

The Shire of Hoes [TSoH]

The Shire of Hoes was formed by Ushashdar, Ossigor, and Prometheus in January 2007. Initially it only consisted of co-workers from the Headquarters of Target Corporation. Within a few months we began to accept members that did not work in the "Rollout Room". Marishka and Dolmarion were the first "outsiders" to join. We like to work together in the game, and we like in clan contests and games. TSoH keys on trying to better ourselves, our clanmates. We have ranked members in all skills, but we all like to help new players thrive as well.

Joining us

We, TSoH, are seeking new/old/ancient/unborn members! This means You! Are you looking for a funny, casual, social and amazingly handsome bunch of coconuts to hang out with, without any drama? Do you enjoy being brazenly annoyed at the non-existent hands of tiny, determined slugs? ARE YOU READY TO ROCK?? Should your answer be Yes to any or none of the above, send us a message! And by us I mean Veins ! The only rules of TSoH are to not mention ponies in front of LastKnight, and to have fun! Work at your own pace, do whatever you want and enjoy the (pony)ride. We are a sparkly team ready to kick ass and drink cups of tea. And we are all out of tea.


Clanleader: Mr Coffee

#17 - Mr Coffee
#41 - Sergeant Sam
#42 - Gargonite
#106 - Spike
#185 - tim408
#257 - Mill
#280 - Maddsheep
#357 - Rock
#736 - Specter84
#775 - EdenPhoenix
#779 - LadyKoolit
- IkzyBunny
- Anonymous
- lilsweetheart
- Sardonyx III
- nusty
- peanut307
- Deatspoet
- SnowLeopard
- tourgo
- Crustaff