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Top 10 player exp gains

1 aussiebeast Corps +1,720,240
2 Cub O.G. +1,440,000
3 DELGRAD *TF* +1,434,300
4 DigitalJester Corps +1,109,600
5 wikid InGen +911,211
6 Vaduva Dream +839,687
7 MadameMasque ~FoS~ +832,839
8 Traveller *TF* +829,969
9 Gunsmoke Tasty +752,860
10 Lilypurr A.D. +741,203

Syrnia blog

Happy Holidays by Serendibite on 13-12-2014


We here at TL would like to extend our best wishes to all the syrnian players during this festive time,  we hope that the holiday brings much joy be it with friends, family who ever.

I hope you are all excited for the possibilities of christmas both in game and in real life and here is hoping Santa brings you what you want :p


talking of Santa I would like to inform those who have not seen that Muto is running an in game secret santa this year, we have seen in previous years how successful it has been and if you have not put your name down i suggest doing so if you have not missed the cut off point. These events take a lot to run and do successfully if you find yourself with some free time I am sure Muto would be grateful for some extra help.

Forum -> Of Topic -> Secret Santa



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If wishes were still availible? by Serendibite on 27-11-2014

Hello everyone as you no doubt have seen premium points have kinda been a hot topic for me when i realized how much I had and this has left me curious,

years ago the original donation system had at 300 euros (If I recall right) you could recieve a wish which wsa granted by M2H now I am not 100% on the ifs and buts so lets say it was anything goes if that was still an option and if we had an active admin would you donate that much and what would your wish be?


I currently stand at 17k premium points and if I was able to wish my wish option would be memorial square a location dedicated to players who had sadly passed before their time who had such a huge impact on players such as Maranda, Vincius, Anubis and many more

so with this little tid bit do share in the comments what your wish would be if you donated.



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Blog Spot #4 by Serendibite on 19-11-2014

Hello there again from your neighbourhood spider.... *coughs* from a friend 

New Event Mod

so since the last blog we have seen some surprising turn of events that have sparked the community

over the course of the month M2H has made appearances as i am no expert nor do I claim to know everything but I assume that this the reason we can welcome a new Event mod into the fray.

if you have been paying attention you will have noticed there has been locked chest events and skill events popping up all over the place as the new event mod gets used to their role and the tools provided, I for one have really enjoyed them and we have seen a nice spark ignite the community once again as names come out from the green chat and once again endulge and enjoy the manners of the game that was believed to have been lost.

may I say welcome to the new mod thanks for the fun and we look forward to your services in the future.


with that all said we turn our attention to the festivities of next month and look to the snowy bliss we call christmas, unlike the halloween holiday that was shrouded in shadows and unknown we can hopefully look forward to the snowdown showdown (to steal a line from Riot games) be it killing the festive giants, robbing the confused cross dresser or something fun that we have not seen in a long time either way I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

as usual we are also looking to always improve how we get our information across to the players so any issues or ideas my message box is always open and I will make sure it reaches the right people.


thank you for your time and do let us know your thoughts on anything such as the current events, the new event mod or even what you expect from the winter festivities



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