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Top 10 player exp gains

1 aussiebeast Corps +1,798,800
2 DELGRAD *TF* +1,476,350
3 Cub O.G. +1,016,000
4 Lilypurr A.D. +1,012,360
5 DigitalJester Corps +951,600
6 Vaduva Dream +921,853
7 wikid InGen +916,241
8 theodor_adorno -OLD- +881,200
9 shamu RAGE +796,703
10 gumby2469 A.D. +737,519

Syrnia blog

[update 13:02] Game is back up! by Z3ll on 07-08-2014

Game is back up!

Dont worry the relevant people are aware that its down. Hopefuly it wil be fixed shortly.

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Summer Fun May - June Blog by Serendibite on 15-06-2014

So during this time of year school lets out for summer break. We set our exams aside and enjoy the well earned relaxation for the summer. This year we have many sporting events such as the World Cup, Wimbledon, Le Mans, and many others. So, what are your plans for the summer?.

Now we Have seen the level 300 barrier broken and we would like to congratulate Delgrad for such an amazing achievement! We hope to see many more Syrnians achieve their goals in game.

Lately, we have seen many posts in the feedback forum, discussing updates. We would like to know what you think would be a good way to inform the community which ideas are being looked over. More moderator feedback? Actual updates implemented? A clear answer from staff if and when we may get them.

Lastly, we would like to wish everyone a nice summer break and hope to have these blogs a bit full next time. So if you wish to see anything included in these do let us know by messaging Serendibite in game.

Edited thanks to Prometheus as it sounded better than what I had typed ;)

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Quest of Ravenspyte by Serendibite on 02-04-2014


(For further details and updates, see Forum - Player Competitions - Easter Event: The Theft of Ravenspyte. This will be the first player-made quest that is highly interactive with Syrnia's game mechanics).

The Theft of Ravenspyte

Only a handful of swords have become legends, and Ravenspyte was the first. When Emtuaych created Syrnia from the four elemental furies, shards of ice coalesced to form its blade. Refined by the first elven mages, the Ancient Smiths of Anasco later fashioned its grip. Fiercely shining in weightiest darkness, its pommel enshrines an enchanted serendibite, set there by the White Wizard himself.

Many millenia ago, Wizard Adarkmag gifted Ravenspyte to the royal family of Serpenthelm, for their assistance in the first war between the ogres and elves. Since then, it has slept in the treasure vaults of Castle Rose, its reputation alone striking fear into the hearts of those seeking to assail Serpenthelm's people.

But now the sword is gone! The castle guards discover a seemingly endless subterranean tunnel, burrowed, somehow, all the way from Thick Jungle into the vault itself, from which Ravenspyte has vanished. This news gravely shakes Lord Davamras Serpenthelm, who summons his royal council to resolve the crisis. After lengthy debate, he pronounces his decree:

"We must call upon all the peoples of our lands to aid us. Send emissaries from the castle to all the clans of Syrnia, from Remer to Kanzo, and yes, to even the pirates of Skull. The rewards I'm prepared to offer should sway even the bloodthirsty to our cause. For the good of all Serpenthelm, Ravenspyte must be returned!"

Leading into Easter weekend, more details on this quest will be revealed, including instructions on how to play! :)


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