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Top 10 player exp gains

1 Gumby TSoH +2,176,673
2 aussiebeast Corps +2,124,400
3 Vaduva Dream +1,933,694
4 Tort Weird +1,861,061
5 DigitalJester Corps +1,560,875
6 DELGRAD *TF* +1,557,500
7 Traveller *TF* +1,484,513
8 Professor TAG +1,392,875
9 MadameMasque TAG +1,371,813
10 Cub O.G. +1,260,800

Syrnia blog

Reblog for Wyks's Announcement! by Serendibite on 31-12-2014

Dear Syrnians,

It's been a while since I have posted a blog here. As some of you may know, the development of a fully updated and improved version of TLGrounds.com has been underway for a while now. I have therefore created a facebook page to keep those interested up to date on the latest development of TLGrounds version 5(!) by posting screenshots, info and more. If you are a regular visitor, please take some time to like and share our page: (facebook.com/tlgrounds).

As for the game, it’s important that new players keep joining in order for the game to stay alive. Of course there is only so much we can d, but sharing and liking Syrnia’s and TLGrounds’ official pages can hopefully get a few extra players to join. Besides that posting on gamers forums, twitter and voting for Syrnia on websites that still exist also helps

To those wondering why TLGrounds’ current website hasn't been updated: in the new version some changes to the database have been made, and adding content to both the old AND new website would mean a lot of extra work. All information and suggestions we have received however are always considered and incorporated into the new site. My gratitude goes out to all players who have contributed with feedback over the past year!

Kind regards,

Wyks of The Legion

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Forum -> Contests -> Treasure Hunt - Christmas 2014 by Serendibite on 21-12-2014

To all those looking for something a bit more than fighting creatures this year Moderators have opened a very unique contest that will have you perplexed to no end.

this contest involves treasure maps puzzles and the rewards that go with it so if you all think you can crack the moderators difficult puzzles go to forums in game and give it a go.

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Happy Holidays by Serendibite on 13-12-2014


We here at TL would like to extend our best wishes to all the syrnian players during this festive time,  we hope that the holiday brings much joy be it with friends, family who ever.

I hope you are all excited for the possibilities of christmas both in game and in real life and here is hoping Santa brings you what you want :p


talking of Santa I would like to inform those who have not seen that Muto is running an in game secret santa this year, we have seen in previous years how successful it has been and if you have not put your name down i suggest doing so if you have not missed the cut off point. These events take a lot to run and do successfully if you find yourself with some free time I am sure Muto would be grateful for some extra help.

Forum -> Of Topic -> Secret Santa



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