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Top 10 player exp gains

1 DELGRAD *TF* +428,125
2 Cub O.G. +399,200
3 aussiebeast Corps +390,800
4 Gumby TSoH +198,447
5 wikid InGen +169,556
6 bellabell3 Loyal +135,696
7 shamu RAGE +134,938
8 Tyranno =A= +128,912
9 Crystal A.D. +109,375
10 theodor_adorno -OLD- +92,000

Syrnia blog

Blog Spot #4 by Serendibite on 19-11-2014

Hello there again from your neighbourhood spider.... *coughs* from a friend 

New Event Mod

so since the last blog we have seen some surprising turn of events that have sparked the community

over the course of the month M2H has made appearances as i am no expert nor do I claim to know everything but I assume that this the reason we can welcome a new Event mod into the fray.

if you have been paying attention you will have noticed there has been locked chest events and skill events popping up all over the place as the new event mod gets used to their role and the tools provided, I for one have really enjoyed them and we have seen a nice spark ignite the community once again as names come out from the green chat and once again endulge and enjoy the manners of the game that was believed to have been lost.

may I say welcome to the new mod thanks for the fun and we look forward to your services in the future.


with that all said we turn our attention to the festivities of next month and look to the snowy bliss we call christmas, unlike the halloween holiday that was shrouded in shadows and unknown we can hopefully look forward to the snowdown showdown (to steal a line from Riot games) be it killing the festive giants, robbing the confused cross dresser or something fun that we have not seen in a long time either way I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

as usual we are also looking to always improve how we get our information across to the players so any issues or ideas my message box is always open and I will make sure it reaches the right people.


thank you for your time and do let us know your thoughts on anything such as the current events, the new event mod or even what you expect from the winter festivities



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Blog Spot #3 by Serendibite on 07-10-2014

Hello once again everyone we here at -TL- want to keep players updated as much as possible and although there has been no real news as of late there are some topics worthy of mentioning in this blog.

TLGrounds 2.0

 -TL- are happy with the shape TLGrounds 2.0 is taking and although no date is given for it's release we would like to once again open the floor up to players regarding features they would like to see added into 2.0, we have always took ideas and feedback very seriously and Wyks touched on it a bit in his blog about the Facebook page so to save repeating ourselves I will just say we are hoping players can be vocal about this stuff so we can hopefully meet the criteria expected of us.



Halloween is around the corner and will it be trick or treat this year for our avid players?

as you are aware no one really knows what is on the cards for the holiday events and things can not always go as planned but from a player view I want to know what you all have planned both in game and out of it.

my plan this year is to take my nieces and nephew trick or treating and possibly cause a few scares whilst doing so as it has always been a favourible holiday for the young ones and I find myself caught up in the atmosphere as well.


Is Syrnia declining in enjoyement?

this may well be a hot topic of sorts and I am curious what players believe the current shape of syrnia spells for it's future, as an on off player for almost a decade I have seen good times and bad as I am sure many others would be guilty of but yet there is one key component that has never died and that is the community, players have come and gone but new ones have grown in their place and for me it is players and the community that I find myself logging in for and not the actual game itself. with that said what makes Syrnia a game you log in for and if there is no longer any enjoyement from it what do you feel could be done (non update wise) to bring some enjoyement back.


That covers all topics for this segment if you feel bored enough to do so feel free to answer some of the questions asked in the comments below and as always I look for information I can use in future blogs be it some news regarding a level or just gobblygook I will take all suggestions via in game messages and as always I hope you enjoyed reading.



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facebook.com/tlgrounds by on 18-09-2014

Dear Syrnians,
It's been a while since I have posted a blog here. As some of you may know, the development of a fully updated and improved version of TLGrounds.com has been underway for a while now. I have therefore created a facebook page to keep those interested up to date on the latest development of TLGrounds version 5(!) by posting screenshots, info and more. If you are a regular visitor, please take some time to like and share our page:  (facebook.com/tlgrounds).
As for the game, it’s important that new players keep joining in order for the game to stay alive. Of course there is only so much we can d, but sharing and liking Syrnia’s and TLGrounds’ official pages can hopefully get a few extra players to join. Besides that posting on gamers forums, twitter and voting for Syrnia on websites that still exist also helps
To those wondering why TLGrounds’ current website hasn't been updated: in the new version some changes to the database have been made, and adding content to both the old AND new website would mean a lot of extra work. All information and suggestions we have received however are always considered and incorporated into the new site. My gratitude goes out to all players who have contributed with feedback over the past year!
Kind regards,
Wyks of The Legion

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